The wonderful life of Hailey Enloe

Cadence Slankard, Reporter

Hailey Enloe is a freshman here at West Hardin High School and has been going here all her life. 

Hailey is very involved with her friends and loves being outside in nature. School takes up almost all of her week, so on the weekends, she does things that interest her. 

“In my free time I like to ride horses and four-wheelers with my friends,” Hailey said.

The transition from 8th grade to the first year of high school can often be tough for students since it’s full of new changes and learning many new things. 

Hailey has quoted the toughest part of her freshman year as being “learning new stuff in school.” 

Along with the tough parts that come along with becoming a freshman come exciting things that students look forward to every day.

“Hanging out with my friends every day” is what the most fun part of Hailey’s freshman year has been. 

All students tend to always have a class that they always look forward to throughout the day and this is no exception for Hailey. 

She has quoted her favorite class as being “English because it’s easy and Mrs. Rose is our teacher.” 

Taking time to relax outside of school is very important, especially being a first-year high school student. 

“I like to watch Netflix series,” Hailey said. 

A couple of Hailey’s friends had some things to say about her.

Sophomore Juan Sanchez has mentioned that “she is nice and caring.” 

According to Freshman Katheryn Merriwether, Hailey is a cheerful person.

“Hailey is always happy and goofy between classes,” Merriwether said.

Freshman Madison Ruffino enjoys Hailey’s company.

“Hailey is a very fun person to be around and always has her friends back,” Ruffino said.