Spring League Volleyball 2021

Cadence Slankard, Reporter

As the school year comes to an end and fall sports are beginning to slowly make their appearances again, Liberty County Spring League volleyball has begun. 

Liberty County Spring League volleyball is a league put on by Hardin High School that JV and varsity teams participate in. 

Local schools of the Liberty county area participate in this league so that coaches can get a good feel of what their team is going to look like in the upcoming year. This also allows players to get more practice, improve their skills, and have fun. 

This league only lasts for two weeks, but games are played twice a week, and there are two games per day. At the end of the two weeks, there is a one-loss elimination tournament that is played. 

The school does not provide bus transportation to these games, and the high school coach to your team must not coach it. Anybody that knows at least a little bit about the sport can coach, but coaches aren’t as involved as they would be in high school sports for the school. 

In this league, you play teams that aren’t in your district, so you get to experience what it’s like to play higher or lower-skilled teams. This can be a very beneficial thing because it helps your team play to a level of ability that you didn’t know was possible.