A hardworking student athlete

A hardworking student athlete

Logan Wells

Mason Wells is a sophomore at West Hardin High School and is an achieving student as well as an athlete.

He has been attending West Hardin for under one semester but has made an impact during his short stay, for himself and the school. Wells signed up to play baseball and became the JV Oiler’s first baseman. He is currently on the football roster but has not had the chance to play due to football season coming in August. 

He said he has enjoyed West Hardin in his minimal time being an Oiler, and stated that his favorite subject is English. He said, for the most part, he enjoys playing video games at home and mentioned that his favorite video game is Apex Legends.

As for his education and work plans, Wells intends to start his dual credit enrollment next year. 

“I’m actually going to be attending college next year,” Wells said.

Wells is always trying to make improvements. He is a student that gets grades averaging from A’s to B’s in his classes. On top of that, he is consistently in the weight room five times per week improving his athleticism and strength.

“He’s a hardworking individual who is committed to both school and sports,” Junior Eli Fowler said.

Mason Wells is new, but making his presence known, whether it be in a weight room, on a football field, or in the classroom.