Sk8 the infinity- series review

Alyscia Lee-Ann Patton, Reporter

Sk8 the Infinity is about skateboarders who live in Okinawa Prefecture, a chain of islands off the coast of China and Japan. As the series and storyline continue, the main character has to make tough choices about his future. So far, I think this is the best show I’ve ever watched. It’s definitely my favorite. 

I like almost all of the characters, and the character that was created for people to hate is very easy to dislike. My favorite character is Reki Kyan, the main character. I really like the way the creator designed him. His design matches his personality, and unlike a few of the other characters, his design is very simple. I can also relate to him, but anyone can find a way to relate with most of these characters. 

Langa Hasegawa’s design matches the snowy environment he lived in before moving to Okinawa. He lived in a very snowy part of Canada and was a snowboarder. He’s timider than Reki is. Langa is an introvert, unlike Reki who is an extrovert. Reki and Langa are polar opposites personality-wise, but when it comes to skateboarding, they’re almost like the same person. 

Miya Chinen is the character I relate to the most. I like his backstory because it shows why he acts as he does. I also really liked his concept of being cold at first, but later on opening up. 

The series made me laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time. It starts off more as a comedy-type of series, but as it hits episode seven, it gets kind of sad and upsetting. I also really liked how short the series was. I don’t have much of an attention span, so short series is what works better for me. Sk8 has only 12 episodes in total and one season. There could quite possibly be a season two, but this show only came out in January. 


Altogether, I definitely recommend this series!