Fun in the sun at Schlitterbahn waterpark 

Remington Utton, Reporter

26-acres of water and concrete was laid out in 2006 to be the home of Galveston, Texas’s Schlitterbahn. It is open for part of every month of the year. This Schlitterbahn has a ride that sets the Guinness book of world records for having the tallest water coaster at a whopping 81 feet and 6 inches tall.

With Schlitterbahn being really big, there are a lot of rides for all ages. One pretty scary ride is called ‘the cliffhanger’. It has a max weight of 250 pounds. I can see why there is a weight limit to the water ride because you could hurt yourself if you hit the very bottom of the slide. One of the reasons it is scary is that it is a tall slide that reaches 81 feet in the air, and that could send you about 40 mph down the slide.

Now with the water park being so big, somehow a water bill has to be paid along with other expenses, so there is a hefty price to pay with a whopping $37.99 per person for a day at the water park. Yet with the laughter and fun you get from this experience, I’d say it could be worth it. You won’t forget the super-hot cement you have to run on to get from slide to slide or the memories of having to go and find a changing room to dry off in and put on some nice warm clothes before getting in a vehicle to leave. Even though it could be a bit much for you, just think of the fun you will have.