MLB The show Review

Derrick Jackson

Every MLB The Show video game intro is inspirational and can get you motivated to do something. The show is mainly known for its online game modes such as Diamond Dynasty. 

Diamond Dynasty is what truly built up this game and the many different streamers on Twitch who play this game mode. How does the Diamond Dynasty work? You earn different baseball card packs and draw good players to make your team the most elite.

When I started to play this game, I knew that the game mode Road to the Show is my favorite. It’s mostly about the grind of starting in the minor leagues then working your way to the major league. Also, it’s your character trying to break records, whether it’s home runs, runs batted in, hits, or even strikeouts from those set by real players in the past. 

You will be able to get an idea of what it is like to play against current major league players. If you don’t like watching the sport of baseball, this game makes it more enjoyable.