The new and improved State of Decay 2

Juan Sanchez, Reporter

On May 18, 2018, Undead Labs released a game that shocked the world, State of Decay 2. Fans had been waiting for this game ever since the first one came out back in 2013. It has better graphics and better open-world gameplay than the first game. 

The graphics of the new game beat the old graphics by a landslide. Mountains now have better detail on them and buildings in the game now include things in them like broken floors, vines in the building, and plants growing in the buildings. All these things help make the game more realistic and better. 

Another good thing about the game is the brand new mechanics of the game such as better zombies and better multiplayer game modes. The game is not as laggy as its older counterpart and overall is mechanically better. 

Overall, compared to the original, the game is a really good and exciting open-world game. With better graphics, better gameplay, better mechanics, and more attention to detail, this game is easily one for the books.