The step from middle school to high school

Hailey Enloe, Social Media Manager

The emotions experienced when first entering high school vary from person to person, but one emotion that most people usually feel is nervousness. For example, 8th grader Ava Simmons is both excited and nervous about finally becoming a freshman. 

“Yes, I’m actually really excited because I feel like I would get more independence, and the memories that are made in high school are always the best,” Simmons said.

Freshman Emily D’Avion thinks that being a freshman is more stressful than being an 8th grader.

“Yes, because now you have to worry about your GPA and getting into college if you are interested,”  D’Avion said.

Ava is excited about all of the new experiences she will get to have in high school. “One of the things I look forward to going into high school is the new experiences with sports and fun classes like vet tech and floral design,” Simmons said.