Miss Robin: Keeping Things Rolling

Derrick Jackson

Secretary Robin Palumbo works to help keep the school intact. Palumbo has worked at West Hardin for 17 years, and now she works in the front office.

 Palumbo helps principals, teachers, and students productive throughout every day of work. She makes sure that classrooms have substitute teachers on certain days.

“I started working at West Hardin when she was a substitute teacher for the elementary,” Palumbo said.


In the front office, there are good days and bad days for Palumbo. On a good day, there are enough teachers in the school that day. a bad day is when she has many teachers absent that day along with not having enough substitute teachers to replace those teachers.

One of her coworkers, Amanda Atkinson, said that Robin is an enjoyable co-worker and that she loves working with her.