Who is Coach A?


Jimmy Wayne Tapley Jr, Reporter

Michael Atkinson is a man of many languages, a father, coach, husband, and he was an athletic director. He grew up in Batson, Texas, and went to school at West Hardin where his mother and father worked as staff starting in 1964.

“It was fun. I wish I didn’t goof off as much, but for the most part, it was fun,” Atkinson said.

  He participated in One Act and sports. He got his love of sports from a young age, which caused him to start coaching. Particularly in team sports such as football and basketball.

“I always go back on my experiences in team sports,” Atkinson said.

Once he was the athletic director of West Hardin, but there is more to him. After he left high school, he enlisted in the US Air Force, and during that time he learned Arabic and became an interpreter of the language. When he was done with the Air Force, he left with the title of Senior airman. 

The thing he believes is his greatest achievement is family-related.

 “Raising a son that turned out to be a decent man,” Atkinson said.