Why schools should have better lunches

Juan Sanchez, Reporter

Most students don’t like the food that school serves nowadays. No one likes the idea of having whole bread instead of white bread or having a sugar-free Powerade instead of a regular Powerade. Most people at the school can agree that they don’t like all these fat-free and sugar-free foods.

Schools should start handing out hot and ready foods, better food quality, and foods that actually have sugar. Students will love the idea of having better food and it’ll help their mental health. It might even help their weight gain and/or loss. 

People say that elementary kids have been at their biggest weight rise in centuries. That’s not true. A study done by a team of researchers in Japan found that obesity is not caused by the lunches the school gives to their students. It actually helps them lose weight and if they participate in things like recess it helps the student more. Even though this is a study from Japan this article could help the government rethink its food policies.

Not only will changing the government’s food policies improve the physical attributes, but it will also help them emotionally. Kids nowadays have depression and anxiety from school-related issues such as test stress or a big game coming up. Better school food would most likely relieve stress off of the school students. According to a study done by the John Hopkins school of medicine eating, tastier foods can involve parts of the brain that reduces stress. The research also stated that the brain sees tastier food as a reward. 

Students will also get into a rhythm of better eating habits. If schools start to give students food with better quality food at a young age, they will get used to eating better quality food by the time the students are in high school. When parents are raising their children, they tend to show their children good eating habits so they can get used to the taste and get a good rhythm going. If schools started to hand out healthier foods when the students are in elementary school, the students will most likely be used to eating better quality foods by the time they are in high school.

To solve all these problems, schools should bring better food into the school. Foods like actual vegetables, hot and ready foods, foods with actual sugar would be acceptable. Schools should start handing out better foods when the students are in kindergarten, so they can get used to it at a young age. Start with some healthy foods every other day and in between those days the schools can give their students something good like cake or apple pie as a way to reward the students.