Skyrim Review A fun fantasy

Jimmy Tapley, Reporter

Skyrim, one of Bethesda’s greatest achievements, started sweeping the nation in 2011. Skyrim is a free roam fantasy game where you, the Dragon-Born or Dovahkiin, fight the ancient evil known as Alduin and fight many foes along the way.

 The story starts with you (the player) getting captured by the Imperials and getting sent to your execution. Before they proceed to exterminate the player, a dragon swoops down and interrupts. That’s just the beginning.

 You go further into the game with its stunning graphics, and the leveling system is a masterpiece of its time. With many creatures and beasts through the gameplay, you get to make friends, enemies and become a werewolf. There are many fighting styles you can choose from like a wizard with different types of spells, a brawler with swords, axes, and maces, and an archer with nothing but a bow and arrow. Anything you would want in a fantasy world you can be if you choose to. Also, you can learn different spells, shouts, and many other things. You can diversify your gaming experience with the many choices you can make.

In its entirety, the game blew me away with a lot of surprises down every corner. It’s truly a masterpiece among the fantasy genre.