Mrs. Price: A Special Teacher

Hailey Enloe, Social Media Manager

Kellie Price is a special education teacher here at school. Her job can be challenging but she and the people she works with makes it fun for the kids and for themselves. What they do every day can vary and their plans for each day end up changing when the kids get there. 

“Our schedule changes every day or possibly every hour depending on how the kids are feeling and doing, ” Price said 

Mrs.Price wasn’t expecting to get this job when she first started looking for jobs here but she enjoys it,  and the kids love her. 

“I had been home for 13 years and I wanted to work here so I could be close to my kids and this was the only job open, so I took it to try something new.“ Price said 

Any teaching job can be difficult but working with Special Education can be a lot more difficult when you’re trying to help many different kids who have different needs. 

“One of the biggest challenges I have is trying to meet all of the kids’ different needs at the same time.” Price said 

Working with a smaller group of kids can make you grow a personal relationship with all of them and you learn a lot about them and they almost become one of your own kids. You can get more personal relationships with kids in a normal classroom.

“I enjoy getting to have more one-on-one time with the kids”  Price said