Minecraft Review

Derrick Jackson

Minecraft review

Ever evolving, ever fun


Minecraft is a sandbox game that was made on November 18, 2011, by Mojang. It has endless possibilities. There are two selectable game modes: survival and creative. It can be played online with other people from your country and other parts of the world. Playing online in Minecraft comes with many different mini-games that all have different themes. While online, a person can play with your friends.

Minecraft is mostly well known for survival. Survival usually starts by cutting down a tree, then proceeding to get food and build a house. Once the player feels confident enough he/she can finally take on the Ender Dragon and win the game. As of lately, there have been many YouTubers trying to be the best speedrunner of this game.

Once a player has beaten the game, he or she can continue to keep playing in that world. Whether it’s moving onto expanding their base or becoming an absolute god and having the best loot in the game. I have been playing Minecraft for many years and still enjoy playing it. The game still gets updates frequently, so there seems to be something new to enjoy every now and then.