Carl Price- Serving the school


Peyton Renee Soto, Reporter

Carl Price is a new non-elected member of the school board. He was appointed to fill the position after someone had resigned back in September of 2020. He had to be elected during the previous selection to keep his spot on the board, but he did not get re-elected and his position was filled by someone else. On January 14, 2021, he was asked to fill the position of a member who retired.   

Price is glad to be able to make a positive impact on kids’ lives.

“I feel honored honestly, I got on the ballot because I thought I could make a difference. I ran against a really strong group of folks and it didn’t work out. I’m honored that the administrators and the other elected school board members thought enough of my previous time on the board to reach out again and see if I would be interested. I’m just really honored that I’m able to help and serve and make our kids’ lives a little better. So anything I can do whether I got elected or didn’t doesn’t really matter. The fact is that I can make an impact,” Price said.  

Price did attend West Hardin from 4th grade until he graduated high school, but it had no deciding factor when he was thinking about joining the school board.   

“If we were in school somewhere else and my kids were going to a different school, I obviously wouldn’t want to become a member of a school board that they’re not a part of. Wherever they are going to school that’s where I would want to make the impact. I just got the opportunity to do that at West Hardin,” Price said.  

Price took the opportunity with the experience he had. 

“I thought that I had the experience and the drive to make an impact in the children’s lives of West Hardin. I have three kids that currently go to the school, I care about making sure that it remains a positive place for them to get an education. I think we have a great community of people around us. It was something me and my wife had always talked about and it felt like the right time to take an opportunity to serve my community in that capacity,” Price said.

Being on the school board brings many roles and responsibilities.

“The board is really there to provide a check and balance of administration that the school has hired to handle our affairs. The board is made up of community members that might not necessarily be educators, you don’t really wanna dictate curriculum to the kids. We just make sure that the decisions that are being made financially, and otherwise are things that are truly beneficial to the kids. Just make sure that the money and time and the effort of the taxes that are being paid by the community is being effectively spent in the right locations,” Price said.