Making memories at Space Center Houston

Remington Utton, Reporter

Space Center Houston was built on November 1, 1961, and was opened to the public on October 16, 1992. Multiple spaceships have been manufactured in the space center. Tickets to the Space Center on average cost $29.95 for a single adult. Although, if you bring along a child from the ages zero to three years old, they get in free. It’s open every day from 10 a.m through 5 p.m, but in July it stays open till 6 p.m. It’s only closed on major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Big plans are heading towards Ellington, Texas. The 10th commercial spaceport is being built in a couple of years. Approximately 14-acre headquarters are going to be built, located at Ellington Airport in Houston, Texas. This will bring in more money to the airport.

In third grade, I woke up early to brush my teeth and get dressed for school. I was ready to step foot onto the bus that would take me to the Houston Space Center for a field trip to learn about a historical moment that had happened before I was born.

There are so many sweet things to look at and to learn about. A small memory will always stick with you from going to the Houston Space Center, so the price you pay isn’t as bad after you think about it. Spending the day with the family to learn a bit about our galaxy that contains billions of stars, dust, and ice is nice.