Trees- natures greatest resource

Habitats, where many types of animals live, are being destroyed to make paper. 

Trees shouldn’t be cut down anymore to make paper.


Trees are a very beautiful and vibrant type of plant. In the forests, with many being so tall, they look like they are in the clouds. Some are big, round, and so old you may see a name or two on one dating back a hundred or so years back. I hate to see it happen, but many trees around our beautiful country are being cut down to make paper. Yes, the paper you use every day to do basic things, and it shouldn’t be like this. Luckily, there is an alternative for using trees for paper.


Hemp is one of the oldest fibers known, with hemp first being harvested around 8,500 years ago. With the technology we have now, we can produce hemp paper faster and easier so the environment can stay healthy. It is a known fact that hemp paper can be recycled eight times as opposed to three for trees. Also, one acre of hemp can produce as much paper as three to four acres of trees.


In North America alone, the consumption of paper was 504.84/229 per capita, which is the most in the entire world. If hemp were to replace the paper from tree pulp, the number of homes for animals and species that would be saved would be extremely drastic.