Unequal girls and boys weight-rooms

Peyton Renee Soto, Reporter

There has been an ongoing conversation among students about how the girls’ and boys’ weight rooms are very unequal. The girls’ weight room is located upstairs above the main gym. The boys’ weight room is located outside behind the field house. Now although both weight rooms are about the same size, the amount of equipment is very unequal. The boys have almost twice as much equipment as the girls.  


No matter the circumstances, both weight rooms should be equal, due to safety purposes.


According to NCAA, Title IX is “a federal law that makes it illegal to discriminate against a person on the basis of sex in any federally funded activity.” Title IX requires the equal treatment of female and male student-athletes in the provisions of equipment and supplies.


Yes, the boys’ and girls’ weight rooms are technically equal in size but half of the girls’ weight room is used also as a storage room. 


With the girls having less equipment and less space, it makes it very difficult for them to work out considering there are 35 girls in high school in athletics. There just isn’t enough equipment or space to be able to safely work out.


Overall it is ethically correct to have weight rooms equal in size and equipment. Some would say that it would cost too much to give the girls a new weight room, but safety is priceless. 


To resolve this problem the school should allow the girls to share the weight room with the boys or equip the girls’ weight room with new equipment.