A new way to tour museums

Nicole Davis, Reporter

Ever since COVID-19 hit back in 2019, the world has been changing in different ways to adapt. Middle school teacher, Teresa Hughes, adapted by taking her tour of the Holocaust museum virtually. Hughes took the middle school students to the auditorium to watch a tour video of the museum. 

“It was an important and moving experience,” Hughes said. 

Going to the museum for the middle schoolers happens every year, but COVID-19 regulations have put a hold on certain things that the museum and the school can do.

“We normally go in person,” Hughes said.

Even though the tour was taken inside the auditorium, that didn’t stop Hughes and her students from learning many different things from it. 

“The major parts are being able to hear first hand experience of real people, seeing the actual camps and lifestyles that were carried on there, and realizing that a horrific event as this actually occurred,” Hughes said. 

The tour was walked through by a tour guide who explained different aspects of the Holocaust’s history, and the museum is located in Houston Texas. 


5401 Caroline St, Houston, TX 77004