JV and varsity basketball player- Madison Ruffino

Katheryn Merriwether, Advertising Manager

Madison Ruffino moved to West Hardin in 2016 when she was in sixth grade. She joined the middle school basketball team the following year. Ruffino is now a freshman in high school and continues to play basketball on both JV and varsity teams.

“I like playing on both of the teams. It can be tiring and confusing at times, but the playing time gives me lots of extra practice,” Ruffino said.

When attending the girls’ basketball games, it is easy to notice Ruffino encouraging her teammates, and making jokes. Ruffino is fairly well-known amongst her team for being goofy as well as tough.’’

“I like making jokes and having fun, but I also won’t let people push me around,” Ruffino said.

Over the years Ruffino has grown, not only as a player but as a teammate. She continues to work hard and learn new things in practice and on the court, while still encouraging others.