Needed upgrades to Ag shop

Remington Utton, Reporter

There are problems with the Ag shop. It has needed an upgrade for many years but hasn’t gotten one.


If the school wants to help students get into college for metal fabrication, then the Ag shop needs to be presentable and provide students with more machinery to be able to work.


It would be good to upgrade the Ag shop because, at times, there are many projects in progress, like firewood racks or trailers being built, at the same time. The Ag building is 65×55 square feet, so it doesn’t seem big enough for the kind of projects that students want to work on. The Ag shop that the kids work in isn’t the best place for them to be able to learn at their best ability, but it gets the job done.


A bigger shop would also help limit the spread of germs since the school wants to take better precautions for COVID-19. With a bigger shop, kids will be more spread out and will be able to socially distance better. Plus, it would also help with a kid’s knowledge of working with their hands and safety because there would be more workspace.


The Ag projects can help fund things that the school wants to complete or to help out with funding more metal projects in the Ag shop.