Equal funding throughout sports

A lot of times, there will be a sport that’s mainly focused on at a particular school. That sport not only gets most of the recognition, but it also gets the most funding. They’ll be getting new stuff while other sports are stuck with old run-down equipment. 


All sports and activities of any kind should have equal funding from the school. New equipment should be bought at least every 3 years and new uniforms should be bought every 2-3 years.


New uniforms should be bought every 2-3 years especially for softball, baseball, football, and other outdoor sports where participants get muddy and put their uniforms through, especially taxing conditions. The reason for this is that those uniforms get easily torn and stained. It doesn’t look very professional to go to other schools with sub-par uniforms.


New equipment should be bought very frequently because sometimes the equipment can break and fail which could lead to injuries. Equipment such as softball and baseball helmets will eventually wear down and not be very protective. New weight lifting equipment is important because after so much weight is put on a bar, it will start to bend and can cause problems.


Additionally, the fields should be better kept; the football field is kept year-round while the softball and baseball fields are only kept up during their season. This means that the coaches have to rush to get them ready right before the season starts. Most of the time coaches are involved in different sports and don’t even have time to do it until the season actually starts. 


If there’s not enough funding, then fundraisers and sponsors could help cover what the athletic board and school can’t cover. Also, there are many businesses that would be more than willing to help with schools.


All activities and sports should have equal funding. New equipment and uniforms should be bought at an appropriate time, especially if they are getting worn down and messed up.