What is ATSSB?

ATSSB, or Association of Texas Small School Bands, is a competition that band students compete in. This competition is pretty much a try-out for the All-Region Band. The number of competitors trying out on different instruments varies, but the number of students who make the band is very limited. 

 “ATSSB, to me, is where several people from different bands get together in a competition to see who’s the best of the best,” sophomore trumpet player Juan Sanchez said. 

Recently, due to COVID-19, the competition had to make some temporary changes. One of those major changes was that the competition was not held in person like it usually is. This year, due to COVID, auditions were sent via an audio recording. Not being at a live competition had its ups and downs.

“Some upsides are that it was a lot less stressful. I didn’t have to worry about over or under practicing, and I didn’t have to wait in a gym. Some downsides though are that I didn’t really get to meet new people, and I just missed that adrenaline rush,” Sanchez said. 

Here are the results! 

Alyscia Patton on Flute – Eighth Chair Region Symphonic, 3A Area Qualifier


Chloe Trail on Clarinet – 29th place, 3A Area Qualifier


Abbie Lamberth on Alto Saxophone – 14th place, first alternate to 3A Area Qualifier


Jakoby Holder on Baritone Saxophone – First alternate to Region Symphonic Band


Shey Geroge on Trumpet – 44th place 


Juan Sanchez on Trumpet – First alternate to Region Band and 3A Area Qualifier


Christian Poindexter on French Horn – 21st place


Natasha Garcia on Trombone – 26th place trombone, first alternate to 3A Area


Jessica Gutierrez on Tuba – Fifth Chair Symphonic Band, 3A Area Qualifier