Oiler Arrangements

Remington Utton, Reporter

A monthly flower arrangement is put together by the kids in the floral design workshop, run by Maygan Gilfillian. In this class, students combining flowers into multiple bouquets themselves gives them a more hands-on learning experience.

“The idea was from Silsbee FFA they actually run their own flower shop out of their classroom, and it’s able to serve their entire district. Hopefully, we will get there one day, but it gives students a chance to make an arrangement and it helps fund it,” Williams said.

With there being flowers involved, things have to be quick because it doesn’t take long for them to wilt.

“Well, there is a lot of prep that goes into it. I had to reach out to teachers at least three weeks ago, and get a number of how many we want to do. I have to get with our wholesale florist and get all the flowers ordered Monday evening. I picked them up Monday afternoon, I prepped them, I put them in water and added floral food, and then it takes two days to make the oiler petals,” Williams said.

The schedule to make oiler petals is part of a seasonal pattern.

“A once a month arrangement usually corresponds with a holiday or something that is happening that month,’’ Williams said.

The flowers aren’t cheap, so the school can’t pay for every oiler petal that is being 

made in the classroom.

“As long as the student doesn’t want to purchase the arrangement themself, they are able to make it and it’s then given to a teacher,” Williams said.