Security Upgrades

Kade Brackin, Editor-in-Chief

This year, the school has decided to increase its security on campus. Some ways the school has done this is by replacing the doors around the school as well as including ID scanners that unlock doors during school hours.

“I think the security upgrades were long overdue,” Resource Officer Steve Lemons said. “There are many reasons to know who is on campus, such as a fire, natural disaster, or a motor vehicle accident involving hazardous materials that occurs near the school. I want to be able to account for everyone and ensure all that are on campus are safe.”

Lemons also explained that “the doors were changed out of necessity” because “some did not close properly and others had broken locking mechanisms.” He also explained that the scanners “were a way for students and staff to access the buildings and upon entry, the doors would self-lock.”

“In my opinion (the ID scanners are) a great way to control who is on the campus during school hours,” Lemons said. “Most of the feedback has been very positive.”

Lemons stated that he’s been questioned by members of the community if the security was really necessary, and he believes that it is.

“Any time additional measures can be added to try and ensure the safety of students and staff, it’s definitely a good thing,” Lemons said. “Some believe that being in a rural area we are immune from any type of traumatic event. Although I pray they are right, I feel it is wise and responsible to have a plan in place.”

Lemons also feels that the new security is already making an impact.

“I think it’s already reduced the number of parents/family members who have been accustomed to coming on to the campus and going straight to their child’s classroom,” Lemons said. “People are learning that they must check-in at the main office before proceeding to other areas of the campus. We still have open areas in which parents/family members try and bypass the office. I have spoken with administrators and together we are working to ensure everyone follows proper protocol.”

Teachers also feel that the upgraded security is beneficial to the well-being of students as well as themselves.

“Considering the door next to me didn’t lock prior to the upgrades, yes, I definitely feel safer,” teacher Cody Cantrell said.

Teachers also feel that the new security has advantages other than keeping people safe. 

“I think it’s really good because kids don’t have to bang on the doors to get in,” Speech and Theatre Director Sandra Peek said. “It keeps classes from being interrupted.”