Siren Santa

Juan Sanchez, Reporter

Siren Santa is a yearly donation that our very own fire department does to help the less fortunate, and this program helps families give their own kids gifts.

This program has been running longer than some teachers have taught at West Hardin.

“This is our 24th year to do Siren Santa,”  Saratoga Fire Department member Cindy Flowers said.

There are restrictions on who can participate. 

“The requirements for secret Santa is you must live in the West Hardin School District and be in school or under school age,” Flowers said.

The fire department is in charge of setting this up, but they are not responsible for the gift-giving. That’s because the locals of the town voluntarily donate gifts.

“This program is put on by the Saratoga Fire Department but we rely on outside donations from the public,” Flowers said.

Now is this just a random act of kindness, or is there a reason that the fire department does this?

“We could see within the community that there were children not getting any gifts for Christmas,” Flowers said. 

Not only does this event help the less fortunate kids get something for Christmas, but it also helps the parents that are stressing over the gifts. 

“With the help of the community we could offer a little relief to the parents,” Flowers said.