Photography teacher

Lauren Duke, Reporter

Megan Hargraves is the new high school photography and yearbook teacher. She is also the advisor of the NHS. Hargraves spent her time studying at Lamar University where she graduated with 3 degrees. A degree in general business, a degree in business management, and a degree in entrepreneurship. She never thought she would be a teacher. 

She first became interested in photography in her high school yearbook class when she became obsessed with how detail-oriented photographs are. So, she started her own photography business during her time in college. However, she ended up quitting her photography business because it was hard for her to keep up with it while doing college. So she is not only a teacher but an entrepreneur as well. 

“Teaching at West Hardin has been a very new experience and eventful,” Hargraves said. 

According to Hargraves, she has felt welcomed at school.

“The staff has been very inclusive and helpful,” Hargraves said.

Hargraves said the biggest issue she has with her students is them “not wearing their masks.”