Should students have an option to eat outside for lunch?

Katheryn Merriwether, Advertising Manager

Students are unable to have access to outside seating for lunch. A few years ago students had the opportunity to enjoy their lunch outside.

Students should be allowed to sit outside because it increases space, reduces the risk of germ spread, and has many health benefits.

First,   The initial reason students should be allowed to eat their lunch outside because it increases space. Being crammed in a crowded and chaotic room can be stressful, as well as overstimulating for kids, teens, and even adults. Allowing outside lunch will increase the space in the lunchroom, and outside, students would be less stressed out and overstimulated while enjoying their lunch.

 Additionally, outside lunch will prevent the spread of germs. Reducing the spread of germs is increasingly more important at this time because of the quick and rapid spread of COVID-19. Students are around many different people daily, causing germs and diseases to spread easily. While eating lunch, students are able to take off their masks, making the spread of germs easier.

Finally, being able to eat and spend time outside has additional health benefits. Being outside lets students get much-needed vitamin D from the sun. It also gives students a break from the harsh LEDled lights used in the school. Giving their eyes a break will help reduce headaches which will improve their ability to focus in class.

Achieving these simple and desirable benefits cost very little to the school. By purchasing a few picnic tables and allowing students to choose where they want to sit would have many positive benefits.