The voice of Oiler Stadium-25 years of announcing

Mackenzie Fregia

John L. Hancock has been a part of this community for a very long time and now his grandkids play here. 

“I have lots of great memories over the last 25 years of announcing. I guess being able to announce when my kids, and now grandkids are involved,” Hancock said.

Hancock takes interest in spectating sports games and he plans on staying as the announcer for a while.

“I’ve really enjoyed watching high school sports, such as football. Also, my daughter was involved in cheerleading. I used to help keep stats for my son’s football games. Also, I plan on staying till my youngest grandson finishes high school,” Hancock said.

There have been many different things that Hancock has had to announce.

“I enjoy it all the band, watching the cheerleaders, and especially when we win. But one very interesting thing that has happened is when a man came to me before the game and asked me if he could propose to his girlfriend during half time,” Hancock said.

Hancock has been doing the football announcements since 1995, and over the 25 years, he’s made many memories and loved every second of it.

“The one thing that I will never forget is the day I was recognized for my 25 years at a middle school football game. All of the signs the middle school cheerleaders with all the kind words is something I will never forget. It really touched my heart that day reading them. I can tell those cheerleaders, and their sponsor worked long and hard hours to create those signs,” Hancock said. 



Sorry for the in-factual info posted before it has been updated and fixed.