Benefits of a free period

According to Business Insider, high school students are taking more classes that are harder. As a result, students can become overworked. A solution to this could be to institute a 30-minute break period into the schedule immediately after lunch. It can also provide several other benefits to students. Students could use the library during this period to work if they don’t need to use the time on anything specific.

First, the break period could be used to meet with teachers and receive help with school work they otherwise wouldn’t have had without the break period. Some may say that the students wouldn’t use this time properly, however, the students that aren’t in a teacher’s room receiving help would be supervised in the library.

Second, students would have less homework because they could do it during the break period. This leads to students having more time with their families and friends. They could also receive help on a homework assignment from a teacher during this time if they need help with the work. Some may object by saying that they should just work on the work at home, however, if students continued working on it at home, they wouldn’t be able to receive help from teachers.

Lastly, the free period gives students more freedom in schools. Students could use this time to study, pursue their own interests, bond with other students, or go to the bathroom. Some may say that students shouldn’t have this freedom and that it would be hard to make sure all of the students are present, however, there could be a roll call from which they could be dismissed from the library, solving this issue.

Because students are taking a bigger amount of hard classes, leading to a larger amount of work and stress, we should institute a 30-minute break period immediately after lunch. This is because the break period would allow students to meet with teachers and receive help, it would give students time to work on homework, and it would give students more freedom.