West Hardin High School student council

Juan Sanchez, Reporter

         The student council is a very important part of a school. Student council does most of the fun and important school activities. Our student council is no exception. Even though our student council started very late in the year with little to no time, they managed to do some cool stuff. 

“We organized a lot of stuff for homecoming week,” English Teacher Morgan Mount said. “We came up with the idea for Color Week”. As you can see our student council is a very organized and creative group of kids.

Speaking of organizing, our very own student council is organizing a canned food drive which will be a competition among the student body. 

“We are going to do a canned food drive later in the year and make it a competition”, Mount said. “The winning grade will get a pizza party or something,” she added.

Even though Covid swept through our school causing us to miss out on the final months of school last year, the student council is still managing to get things done. 

“I think we got good people and I’m trying my best to make it fun”, Mount says. “Even though it’s my first year,” she added.

Our student council doesn’t just help our school, they also help our community by helping out homeless kids called the Angel Tree.

 “I understand that in previous years the student council did the Angel Tree so we’ll do that” Mount said. 

As you can see, our student council is a very productive group of kids that have managed to do so much in such little time.