Teaching together- the Chesshers

Hailey Enloe, Social Media Manager

Crystal Chessher and Kristen Chessher are a teaching duo here at West Hardin. Crystal Chessher is a PEIMS coordinator and has been working at West Hardin for 13 years. Kristen Chesser is a 5th-grade math teacher and varsity cheer sponsor who has been teaching here for four years.

“My favorite thing is that I know I can go to her with anything I need help with. She is always willing to help me with anything and will do it with a big smile, no matter if she wants to do it or not,” Kristen Chessher said.

Working with your daughter might be a lot of fun because not only do you see her grow up, but you also get to watch her grow into a better person while seeing her every day at work.

“One of the things I have learned from working with my daughter is how natural she is at teaching. The way she teaches and the ability to connect with her kids is a gift. She is passionate about what she does and loves her students,” Crystal Chessher said.

Kristen Chessher has been working here for four years now, and she has learned things from many different people. She has especially been learning a bunch of things from her mom including things about working here at West Hardin.

“I have learned that even though there are bad days, a positive attitude can make a big difference,” Kristen Chessher said.

They both agree that even though they get stuck in the hall or outside talking to each other, it’s always good to have someone you know around to ask for advice.