Haikyuu!!- netflix series

Alyscia Lee-Ann Patton, Reporter

Haikyuu!! is a comedic anime series on Netflix. It is about Japanese high school boys playing volleyball, and their goal to get to nationals. Although there are only two seasons of the series on Netflix, the characters have already majorly grown as a team and as individuals.

I really love this series and I’ve watched the first three seasons more than enough times to recite almost all of the lines by memory. This show makes me feel beyond happy, and it’s one of my comfort shows. I love how much it teaches its audience that they don’t have to accomplish anything on their own. This is shown through a couple of characters, one of those characters being my favorite. 

During a game, every single one of Asahi Azumane’s spikes was shut down by the other team. He began to think that his team was failing because of him, and he stopped playing at the match point. He quit the volleyball club for a month after that, but another character, Tobio Kageyama, told him that he couldn’t win alone. Now, Asahi knows that he isn’t alone and he has a whole team to back him up. That’s just one example of one of the major times the show taught me that I’m never alone. 

I also really love the different characters and the different personalities they have. Their personalities range from shy and not really talking much when it’s not necessary to purely chaotic. My favorite character is Tobio Kageyama. He’s pretty calm while playing volleyball, but when he’s not he becomes a bit chaotic.