Mrs. Shoats- 20 years of teaching

Cadence Slankard, Reporter

Velisha Shoats is a kindergarten teacher and has been teaching for twenty years, this year being her twentieth. Although, she hasn’t always taught kindergarten, and she hasn’t always taught at West Hardin.

“I taught three years of second grade at Kountze Elementary and I taught one year of fourth grade here and I taught one year of first grade here at West Hardin,” Shoats said. 

Shoats has a radiant love for all her present and past students that can never be hidden. 

“My thing is, I always try to tell the younger teachers when they start teaching and stuff, that the best thing that you can do is let the kids know you love them, cause if they know that you love them and you respect them, then they’re gonna work hard for you,” Shoats said. 

It takes a really special person with a big heart to teach kindergarten and to stick with it for so many years because younger kids are very rambunctious, but with the right love and teaching, it helps them to grow.

“With kindergarten, you never really know what to expect and things happen all the time,” Shoats said. 

Shoats was first inspired and led into the world of teaching by her mother who also used to be part of the elementary staff here at West Hardin. 

“My mom was here for years and years out in P.E. so I’ve always been around, even when I was out of high school, so that’s always been my calling,” Shoats said.

Shoats was asked how it made her feel to see students that she taught in the past as grown-ups now. It is quite obvious that she really enjoys her job, and loves all the students she’s ever taught just like her own.  

“I love it! And last year was the first year I was able to teach two of my grandbabies, and I love all my babies, no matter how old they are,” Shoats said.