Speech and Debate awards

March 11, 2021

Cross Examination (CX) debate advancements

  • Kimberlann Gilley and Willa Brackin advanced to state


  • Jessica Gutierrez – 2nd Poetry
  • Sheridan Lucas- 4th Poetry
  • Peyton Soto- 6th Poetry
  • Cailyn Trousdale- 3rd Prose
  • Natasha Garcia- 6th Prose
  • Evan Johnson- 5th Informative


  • Natasha Garcia – 2nd Prose

West Hardin 2

  • Alyscia Patton- 2nd Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debate (LD)
  • James Miranda- 6th in Varsity LD and Extemporaneous Speaking (Extemp)
  • Willa Brackin- 5th in Extemp
  • Kimberlann Gilley- 2nd in Extemp
  • Christopher Johnson- 3rd in Extemp
  • Cailyn Trousdale- 2nd in Prose
  • Natasha Garcia- 3rd in Prose


  • Jessica Gutierrez- 6th Dramatic Interp

La Vernia

  • James Miranda- 5th Informative, quarterfinalist LD
  • Cailyn Trousdale-  6th Prose
  • Eli Fowler- 8th Prose
  • Peyton Soto- 4th Poetry

Congress regionals

  • Christopher Johnson (2nd, state qualifier)
  • Kimberlann Gilley (3rd, state qualifier)
  • Eli Fowler (4th, alternate)

Kansas City Novice Tournament

  • Peyton Soto- 2nd in Poetry

Austin Tournament

  • Sheridan Lucas- 6th Dramatic Interp
  • Natasha Garcia- 4th Prose


  • Cailyn Trousdale- 3rd Prose
  • Eli Fowler- 4th Prose
  • James Miranda- 3rd Extemp, 3rd LD Debate
  • Kimberlann Gilley- 6th Extemp
  • Derrick Jackson- 6th LD Debate
  • Peyton Soto- 3rd Novice Interp
  • Sheridan Lucas- 3rd Poetry

West Hardin

  • Jessica Gutierrez- 1st Dramatic Interp, 1st Poetry
  • Sheridan Lucas- 3rd Dramatic Interp, 4th Poetry
  • Peyton Soto- 5th Poetry
  • Eli Fowler- 5th Prose
  • James Miranda- 2nd Extemp

A&M Consolidated

  • Jessica Gutierrez- 1st Poetry

Alief Kerr

  • Jessica Gutierrez- 3rd Poetry

West Hardin Congress

  • Christopher Johnson- 2nd
  • Chole Trail- 2nd
  • Derrick Jackson- 4th

State Congress

  • Christopher Johnson placed 9th in the state in 2A UIL Congress


  • Kady Hendrix- 5th in PO
  • Eli Fowler- 2nd in Extemp
  • Eli and Kimberlann Gilley- 3rd in CX


  • Thomas Peek- 5th in DI, 5th in POI
  • Jessica and Maegan- 7th in Duo
  • Jessica Gutierrez- 6th in Poetry, 3rd in POI

Clear Lake-Dobie Swing


Clear Lake

  • Thomas Peek- 1st in Prose, 1st in Poetry
  • Jessica Gutierrez- 4th in Poetry, 5th in Duo (with Maegan Henry)
  • Maegan Henry- 2nd in Prose, 5th in Duo (with Jessica Gutierrez)


  • Thomas Peek- 2nd in POI, 1st in Prose
  • Jessica Gutierrez and Maegan Henry- 5th in Duo

Jersey Village

  • Natasha Garcia- semi-finalist in Prose
  • Wynter Wilson- semi-finalist in Poetry
  • Jessica Gutierrez- 6th in Poetry and 3rd in POI
  • Thomas Peek- 2nd in POI and 3rd in DI
  • Evan Johnson- semi-finalist in Extemp
  • Kade Brackin- 2nd in Novice LD

Middle school speech UIL


 8th grade Modern Oratory

Natalie Noack- 1st

8th grade Oral Reading

Peyton Soto- 1st

Arianna Parks- 3rd

7th grade Modern Oratory

Riley Blankenship- 1st

7th grade Oral Reading

Aubrey Loper- 2nd

Ava Simmons- 4th

7th grade Impromptu

Arianna Parks- 2nd

Aubrey Loper- 3rd

6th grade Oral Reading

Bailey Lamberth- 1st

6th grade Impromptu

Cheyanne Steele- 3rd

5th grade Oral Reading

Lane Simmons- 4th

Ashlynn Crisman- 6th

4th grade Oral Reading

Trista Beaty- 3rd

Reagan Bell- 6th

Cy-Fall/Cy-Creek Swing



  • Jessica Guitierrez- 1st in poetry and semi-finalist in POI
  • Thomas Peek- 1st in POI and 5th in prose
  • Maegan Henry and Jessica Guitierrez- 4th in duo
  • Kade Brackin- quarter-finalist in LD


  • Thomas Peek- 3rd POI
  • Evan Johnson- semi-finalist in novice extemp
  • Kimberlann Gilley- semi-finalist in novice extemp
  • Jessica Gutierrez- semi-finalist in poetry and POI
  • Eli Fowler- semi-finalist in OO
  • Natasha Garcia- semi-finalist in prose
  • Maegan Henry- semi-finalist in DI

China Springs

  • Jessica Gutierrez and Maegan Henry- 2nd in duo
  • Thomas Peek and Kimberlann Gilley- 5th in CX
  • James Miranda- semi-finalist in foreign extemp
  • Jessica Gutierrez- semi-finalist in poetry
  • Natasha Garcia- semi-finalist in prose
  • Thomas Peek- 6th in prose
  • Jessica Gutierrez- 4th in POI
  • Quinton Whitestar- semi-finalist in novice extemp
  • Kimberlann Gilley- semi-finalist in novice extemp

Regional Congress

  • Christopher Johnson -2nd
  • Kade Brackin -4th



Original Oratory

  • Eli Fowler -8th

Novice Poetry

  • Sheridan Lucas -1st

Varsity Poetry

  • Jessica Gutierrez -3rd
  • Kady Hendrix -6th

Novice Extemp

  • Kimberlann Gilley -2nd
  • Chloe Trail -5th

Varsity Prose

  • Thomas Peek -1st
  • Natasha Garcia -6th


  • Jessica Gutierrez and Maegan Henry -4th

Varsity CX

  • Christopher Johnson and Thomas Peek -1st
  • Thomas Peek -Top CX speaker


Nederland Congress



  • Christopher Johnson -5th
  • Eli Fowler -6th

      Costume Contest

  • Kade Brackin -3rd

Kingwood Park


Varsity CX

2nd- Kimberlann Gilley and Christopher Johnson

Novice LD

1st- Kade Brackin

Varsity Poetry

3rd- Wynter Wilson

Novice Poetry

1st- Sheridan Lucas

5th- Kimberlann Gilley

Varsity Extemp

4th- Christopher Johnson

Novice Extemp

1st- Kade Brackin

4th- Kimberlann Gilley


West Hardin tournament

Prose Interp

2nd- Natasha Garcia

5th- Kady Hendrix

Varsity Extemp

2nd- Christopher Johnson

4th- Eli Fowler

Novice Extemp

2nd- Kimberlann Gilley

3rd- Quinton Whitestar

4th- Chloe Trail

Varsity LD

3rd- James Miranda

Novice LD

1st- Kade Brackin

4th- Jessica Gutierrez

Varsity CX

1st- Christopher Johnson and Thomas Peek

5th- Eli Fowler and Wynter Wilson

Original Oratory

1st- Eli Fowler

5th- Evan Johnson

Duo Interp

1st- Meagan Henry and Jessica Gutierrez

Poetry Interp

6th- Wynter Wilson

1st- Jessica Gutierrez


  • Kimberlann Gilley: semi-finalist, poetry

West Hardin Congress

Novice Congress:

  • Kade Brackin: 1st
  • Kimberlann Gilley: 3rd

Varsity Congress:

  • Christopher Johnson:3rd
  • Eli Fowler: 5th


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