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October 13, 2021

Salado, October 16

This past weekend, 3 West Hardin Performers competed virtually in Salado’s speech tournament.

Sydnee Smith placed 4th in Congressional Debate.
Makayla George placed 4th  in Poetry.
Derrick Jackson placed 3rd in LD debate and 4th in Extemp.

There were a total of 16 schools from across Texas competing. West Hardin was the smallest school represented.

West Hardin

This past weekend, West Hardin Performers hosted 14 schools at their 11th annual speech and debate tournament.  Theatre students helped run the tournament, while speech and debate students competed.

Logan Wells placed 1st in novice LD and  Masyn Cook placed 4th.

In Varsity extemp, Willa Brackin placed 1st and Derrick Jackson placed 3rd.

In Policy Debate, the team of Willa Brackin and Lavita Basham placed 4th and the team of Sydnee Smith and Lily Walston placed 6th.

In Poetry, Peyton Soto placed 2nd and Riley Blakenship placed 5th.

In Prose, Natasha Garcia placed 2nd, Cailyn Trousdale placed 4th and Alyscia Patton placed 6th.

This was the first full tournament of the team’s season.

Cross Examination (CX) debate advancements

  • Kimberlann Gilley and Willa Brackin advanced to state


  • Jessica Gutierrez – 2nd Poetry
  • Sheridan Lucas- 4th Poetry
  • Peyton Soto- 6th Poetry
  • Cailyn Trousdale- 3rd Prose
  • Natasha Garcia- 6th Prose
  • Evan Johnson- 5th Informative


  • Natasha Garcia – 2nd Prose

West Hardin 2

  • Alyscia Patton- 2nd Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debate (LD)
  • James Miranda- 6th in Varsity LD and Extemporaneous Speaking (Extemp)
  • Willa Brackin- 5th in Extemp
  • Kimberlann Gilley- 2nd in Extemp
  • Christopher Johnson- 3rd in Extemp
  • Cailyn Trousdale- 2nd in Prose
  • Natasha Garcia- 3rd in Prose


  • Jessica Gutierrez- 6th Dramatic Interp

La Vernia

  • James Miranda- 5th Informative, quarterfinalist LD
  • Cailyn Trousdale-  6th Prose
  • Eli Fowler- 8th Prose
  • Peyton Soto- 4th Poetry

Congress regionals

  • Christopher Johnson (2nd, state qualifier)
  • Kimberlann Gilley (3rd, state qualifier)
  • Eli Fowler (4th, alternate)

Kansas City Novice Tournament

  • Peyton Soto- 2nd in Poetry

Austin Tournament

  • Sheridan Lucas- 6th Dramatic Interp
  • Natasha Garcia- 4th Prose


  • Cailyn Trousdale- 3rd Prose
  • Eli Fowler- 4th Prose
  • James Miranda- 3rd Extemp, 3rd LD Debate
  • Kimberlann Gilley- 6th Extemp
  • Derrick Jackson- 6th LD Debate
  • Peyton Soto- 3rd Novice Interp
  • Sheridan Lucas- 3rd Poetry

West Hardin

  • Jessica Gutierrez- 1st Dramatic Interp, 1st Poetry
  • Sheridan Lucas- 3rd Dramatic Interp, 4th Poetry
  • Peyton Soto- 5th Poetry
  • Eli Fowler- 5th Prose
  • James Miranda- 2nd Extemp

A&M Consolidated

  • Jessica Gutierrez- 1st Poetry

Alief Kerr

  • Jessica Gutierrez- 3rd Poetry

West Hardin Congress

  • Christopher Johnson- 2nd
  • Chole Trail- 2nd
  • Derrick Jackson- 4th

State Congress

  • Christopher Johnson placed 9th in the state in 2A UIL Congress


  • Kady Hendrix- 5th in PO
  • Eli Fowler- 2nd in Extemp
  • Eli and Kimberlann Gilley- 3rd in CX


  • Thomas Peek- 5th in DI, 5th in POI
  • Jessica and Maegan- 7th in Duo
  • Jessica Gutierrez- 6th in Poetry, 3rd in POI

Clear Lake-Dobie Swing


Clear Lake

  • Thomas Peek- 1st in Prose, 1st in Poetry
  • Jessica Gutierrez- 4th in Poetry, 5th in Duo (with Maegan Henry)
  • Maegan Henry- 2nd in Prose, 5th in Duo (with Jessica Gutierrez)


  • Thomas Peek- 2nd in POI, 1st in Prose
  • Jessica Gutierrez and Maegan Henry- 5th in Duo

Jersey Village

  • Natasha Garcia- semi-finalist in Prose
  • Wynter Wilson- semi-finalist in Poetry
  • Jessica Gutierrez- 6th in Poetry and 3rd in POI
  • Thomas Peek- 2nd in POI and 3rd in DI
  • Evan Johnson- semi-finalist in Extemp
  • Kade Brackin- 2nd in Novice LD

Middle school speech UIL


 8th grade Modern Oratory

Natalie Noack- 1st

8th grade Oral Reading

Peyton Soto- 1st

Arianna Parks- 3rd

7th grade Modern Oratory

Riley Blankenship- 1st

7th grade Oral Reading

Aubrey Loper- 2nd

Ava Simmons- 4th

7th grade Impromptu

Arianna Parks- 2nd

Aubrey Loper- 3rd

6th grade Oral Reading

Bailey Lamberth- 1st

6th grade Impromptu

Cheyanne Steele- 3rd

5th grade Oral Reading

Lane Simmons- 4th

Ashlynn Crisman- 6th

4th grade Oral Reading

Trista Beaty- 3rd

Reagan Bell- 6th

Cy-Fall/Cy-Creek Swing



  • Jessica Guitierrez- 1st in poetry and semi-finalist in POI
  • Thomas Peek- 1st in POI and 5th in prose
  • Maegan Henry and Jessica Guitierrez- 4th in duo
  • Kade Brackin- quarter-finalist in LD


  • Thomas Peek- 3rd POI
  • Evan Johnson- semi-finalist in novice extemp
  • Kimberlann Gilley- semi-finalist in novice extemp
  • Jessica Gutierrez- semi-finalist in poetry and POI
  • Eli Fowler- semi-finalist in OO
  • Natasha Garcia- semi-finalist in prose
  • Maegan Henry- semi-finalist in DI

China Springs

  • Jessica Gutierrez and Maegan Henry- 2nd in duo
  • Thomas Peek and Kimberlann Gilley- 5th in CX
  • James Miranda- semi-finalist in foreign extemp
  • Jessica Gutierrez- semi-finalist in poetry
  • Natasha Garcia- semi-finalist in prose
  • Thomas Peek- 6th in prose
  • Jessica Gutierrez- 4th in POI
  • Quinton Whitestar- semi-finalist in novice extemp
  • Kimberlann Gilley- semi-finalist in novice extemp

Regional Congress

  • Christopher Johnson -2nd
  • Kade Brackin -4th



Original Oratory

  • Eli Fowler -8th

Novice Poetry

  • Sheridan Lucas -1st

Varsity Poetry

  • Jessica Gutierrez -3rd
  • Kady Hendrix -6th

Novice Extemp

  • Kimberlann Gilley -2nd
  • Chloe Trail -5th

Varsity Prose

  • Thomas Peek -1st
  • Natasha Garcia -6th


  • Jessica Gutierrez and Maegan Henry -4th

Varsity CX

  • Christopher Johnson and Thomas Peek -1st
  • Thomas Peek -Top CX speaker


Nederland Congress



  • Christopher Johnson -5th
  • Eli Fowler -6th

      Costume Contest

  • Kade Brackin -3rd

Kingwood Park


Varsity CX

2nd- Kimberlann Gilley and Christopher Johnson

Novice LD

1st- Kade Brackin

Varsity Poetry

3rd- Wynter Wilson

Novice Poetry

1st- Sheridan Lucas

5th- Kimberlann Gilley

Varsity Extemp

4th- Christopher Johnson

Novice Extemp

1st- Kade Brackin

4th- Kimberlann Gilley


West Hardin tournament

Prose Interp

2nd- Natasha Garcia

5th- Kady Hendrix

Varsity Extemp

2nd- Christopher Johnson

4th- Eli Fowler

Novice Extemp

2nd- Kimberlann Gilley

3rd- Quinton Whitestar

4th- Chloe Trail

Varsity LD

3rd- James Miranda

Novice LD

1st- Kade Brackin

4th- Jessica Gutierrez

Varsity CX

1st- Christopher Johnson and Thomas Peek

5th- Eli Fowler and Wynter Wilson

Original Oratory

1st- Eli Fowler

5th- Evan Johnson

Duo Interp

1st- Meagan Henry and Jessica Gutierrez

Poetry Interp

6th- Wynter Wilson

1st- Jessica Gutierrez


  • Kimberlann Gilley: semi-finalist, poetry

West Hardin Congress

Novice Congress:

  • Kade Brackin: 1st
  • Kimberlann Gilley: 3rd

Varsity Congress:

  • Christopher Johnson:3rd
  • Eli Fowler: 5th


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