Teaching across generations the Williamses

Cadence Slankard, Reporter

Mrs. Williams and Ms. Williams are one out of the four mother-daughter teaching duos here at West Hardin. Heather Williams is an interventionist, and Maygan Williams works as one of the two ag teachers, teaching Veterinary Medicine, Livestock Production, and Principles of Floral Design. 

“I eat lunch in her room every day and people call me Heather all the time.” Maygan Williams said. 

This is Maygan Williams’s first full year of teaching while her mother, Heather Williams, has been teaching for 17 years. Maygan Williams believes that working with her mother is beneficial because she can ask her for advice.

“It’s been so great! I call or go to her room and ask questions all the time. We relate to each other very well so it’s awesome. And she’s my mama so it’s awesome and I love it.”  Maygan Williams said.

Work environments can always be boring and can feel like it’s the same thing every day, but working with your daughter can always spice things up a bit.

“It’s definitely made it more fun! I look forward to seeing her during the day. It’s also been fun getting to help her get her room ready and helping her out with different things she’s needed help with. It’s kind of funny when students say Mrs. Williams though because we both turn to look and they tell us which one they were really talking to,” Heather Williams said.

They had both agreed that having each other to work alongside makes work so much more fun and interesting.