The new dress code

Nicole Davis, Reporter

For years the school has had a strict dress code, but on the first day of school, students learned that they would all have a new dress code with fewer restrictions. 

On September 18th, 2020 students arrived back to school after their six-month-long summer break and found out that the school had made very many changes, including our very own dress code. 

“I talked with the administrative team which is like Dr. Armstrong, and coach Hoffpauir and the elementary principal and we all decided that it would be kind of a compromise to give the students a little freedom, let them have some self-expression since we knew it wasn’t going to be a normal environment. So it was a collective decision,” high school principal, Tiffany Merriwether said.

Many students have talked about how the new dress code has benefited them in some way or another, and some students didn’t really see that much of a change in it. 

“I think it is very beneficial for students. This year more than ever because I think that you guys have a lot of pressure and teenagers especially, you know self-expression is a big deal, I think teenagers are trying to figure out who they are,” Merriwether said. 

Since the school got the new dress code for the freedom of the students, there are questions if the school will keep this new dress code even after the pandemic is over. 

“I would love for the dress code to go years and years and years after I graduate unless they want to add something even better to it,” senior Lainey Enloe said. 

Unlike years prior, two examples of changes to the dress code are that you are able to color your hair anything you want, and boys are able to let their hair grow out as long as they want. 

“We can kind of personalize who we are through the way that we dress and the way that we present ourselves,” Merriwether said.