The Covid-19 Bookfair

The Covid-19 Bookfair

Juan Sanchez, Reporter

   The book fair is always a fun thing to do at school, but due to Covid-19, the book fair has been shut down. Fear, not young ones! The Librarian, Charlene Zwahr, has found a new way for the students to go to the book fair worry-free.

 “I have a link and the link will go live tomorrow,” Zwahr said. “ I will send the link to all the teachers so they can show the students.”

Make sure you pay close attention when your teacher is showing you the virtual book fair. Many known books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid and some books by Alan Grantz will be up for sale. Also, the book fair isn’t just for the little kids, big kids can go up there and order a book too!

(We are sorry for the incorrect job title it has now been fixed.)