The dynamic duo the Browns

J. Talent, Reporter

Ms. Brown and Mrs. Brown are a teaching duo here at the West Hardin school. While Kaylie Brown deals with high school students, Kathy Brown is teaching the 4th graders in the elementary. 

“I enjoy having someone to ride to and from work with every day,’’ Kathy Brown said. “It is nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of to discuss details of my day with.’’

Despite working in the same school and carpooling, both have indicated that they do not have very much time to see each other during the day, but the rides too and from the school make up for that.

“It is nice to have a mentor to go to whenever I have questions,” Kaylie Brown said.  “And carpools are always fun-filled with karaoke and conversation.”

Having almost the same initials could be tough and confusing when trying to create an Email for two people, and they ran into the dilemma when kids started to send their work to the wrong K. Brown.

“I receive A LOT of my daughter’s emails, but my 4th graders are really good about not mixing it up,” Kathy Brown said.

This situation isn’t very reassuring for Kaylie Brown.

“I always feel like I have missing work or meeting information,” Kaylie Brown said.