Covid-19 band safety

Alyscia Lee-Ann Patton, Reporter

COVID-19 has affected West Hardin in very many ways, but no one has really asked how the Band has been doing. Due to the new safety guidelines, the band has to follow, a lot of their activities have been changed or even canceled. Some may have noticed, but the band didn’t have a marching show this year, due to them trying to follow the new COVID-19 guidelines as much as possible.

One way COVID-19 is spread is through breathing and talking, which is why masks are required at the moment. If a member of the band was to get the virus, it could be transferred quicker due to playing their instrument, making the band the most dangerous group of people on campus at the moment. 

When asked about what precautions Mr. Tucker has done to make sure everyone is safe, ninth-grader Shey George replied with, “Giving us masks and making us put on bell covers when we play inside and outside along with putting chairs in the band hall six-feet-apart.” The band has to abide by the same rules and guidelines as basically everyone else, just a tad bit more extreme. 

ATSSB, or Association of Texas Small School Bands, has gone virtual for the year. Instead of being at the competition with other kids, band members who are participating in ATSSB will have to send in a recording of their music.