Second grade pumpkin decorating contest


Peyton Renee Soto, Reporter

Every year the week before Halloween “for the past ten years” as second-grade teacher Jennifer Nevils, said. The second graders have a Pumpkin Decorating contest that they can do on their own or have their parents help them with. They get to decorate their pumpkins any way they like then at the end of the week the pumpkins get voted on and get placed in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. 

2nd place winner for Mrs. Nevils’s class, Liam E. e said when asked if he had fun decorating his pumpkin he said, “yep”. He also told us that his mom and he picked out his pumpkin from a pumpkin patch.  During questioning, he specifically said, “do not touch the marshmallows” that are on his pumpkin. 

Winners from the pumpkin decorating contest from Amy Wyatt, 1st place Brianna G.who created the Blaze pumpkin.  2nd place Lileigh B. who created the Annabel Cat.  And 3rd place Brantley F. who created the Spider Web. The Winners from Mrs.Nevils pumpkin decorating contest is, 1st place Karson B. who created the Dinosaur Egg, there was a  tie for 2nd place Nevaeh S. who created the Deer Moon Pumpkin, and Liam E. also received  2nd place and created the Coron-a-ween pumpkin and 3rd place Meredith H. who created the Ella Unicorn Pumpkin. 

I asked Nevils what her favorite pumpkin was from throughout the years and she said “the cinderella carriage pumpkins have always been her favorite” I asked her what her favorite pumpkin was from this year and she said, “I really like the pigeon this year and the dinosaur egg one is pretty good to”.