Netflix hit: Outer Banks

Remington Utton, Reporter

One of the latest shows I have watched on Netflix is a popular TV series called “Outer Banks”. This series was released about six months ago. When it came out, it was a new trending series that gained a lot of hype. This series had over 10 episodes in its first season. They ended the last episode with a cliffhanger, so now everyone is excited to watch the next season when it releases.

The TV show has about five main characters who each played good roles in the series. They were basically the underdogs in this show, and it’s about them trying to find some precious gold that was supposedly hidden around them. The gold was in a wrecked ship that was found about one thousand feet deep underwater.

Like I said, there is a cliffhanger like most movies. This cliffhanger was a real attention grabber. It was so interesting that it made me rewatch the TV series 10 times, and then I would get mad because of the ending. The series is directed towards a teenage audience. I believe it was cast in Florida, and that state is known for its oranges and grapefruits.