Elementary principal moves up

Nicole Davis, Reporter

When school started back up again, there were both good and bad changes. From the dress code to the seating, and even to the new faculty. One change, in particular, is West Hardin High School’s new Principal, Tiffany Merriwether. 

Many announcements were told to the high school students by Merriwether, including the news that she was going to move her position from elementary principal to high school principal. 

“My overarching emotion was excitement; I was very excited,” Merriwether said.

Merriwether described it as a huge step going from working in the elementary school to being moved up to the high school.

“It’s hugely different, that’s probably one thing I didn’t anticipate. The pace up here is way faster than in elementary. There’s a change every fifty minutes that is just built into the schedule by nature,” Merriwether said.

There is a pressure aspect that comes to mind when someone is moved from their previous location to a new one, even the fear of the teenagers, or maybe not being able to get used to the new rules.

“My reservation was like, will I be able to communicate with them? Can I meet them where they are? Will they think I’m super strict? Will they think that I’m super lame? Will they think that I am somebody who’s fair but has high expectations,” Merriwether said.