Prayers, treats, and good eats!

Lauren Duke, Reporter

Trunk or Treat will be held at New Life church Batson on Halloween from 4 pm to 7 pm. There will be a gumbo fundraiser and fall festival. Everyone is welcome to attend and join in the fun. New Life church decided to do a Trunk or Treat due to Covid so parents will feel safe letting their kids go trick or treating.


 “Soul’d Out Youth will be hosting the gumbo fundraiser. The plates will be $10 and it will include gumbo, rice, crackers, drink, and a dessert,” Elizabeth Duke said. 


Duke said the church decided to do the fall festival to “be a blessing to our community”. The church is planning on making this a New Life tradition.


“Yes, we feel as if this will turn out great and we would love to keep it going,” Duke said.