Friday night flags

       The West Hardin Flag Corps performs at home football games. The Flag Corps members are Natasha Garcia, Chloe Trail, Alyscia Patton, and the flag captain, Abbie Lamberth. There may only be four girls in total on the team, but they all practice each and every week so they can perform well. You can usually catch them practicing in the small spaces by the band hall, or next to where you would be dropped off in the morning if you were a car rider. 

     “There is a lot of time and consideration we put into every single performance and we always try to make sure everyone is enjoying the performance whether we’re standing at attention or we’re doing tricks like tossing our flags. I think it’s also aesthetically pleasing to the eye,” flag member, Chloe Trail said. 

      Captain Abbie Lamberth has several plans for the team.

      “A couple of ideas I have are to make more challenging routines along with dance choreography. I want to push the girls to their full potential, that way they are able to look back and say I did something amazing,” Lamberth said.

        Recently, they have performed “Paint it Black” (played by the Golden Pride Band) during the fourth quarter and half time of the last two games. 

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