Lane Anderson

Once again for this year’s unusual homecoming Lane Anderson has been nominated for the chance at swiping the crown to be dubbed the 2020 homecoming king.  

“I was really surprised but to be honest I’m just ready to get it over with.” 

Anderson said.

 This isn’t his first time around the court either making his chances much higher than others. 

“Yeah I have been on court before and it’s always fun,” Anderson said. 

Although it’s always nice to win Anderson isn’t just in it for the shiny crown.

“ I probably won’t get it this year but like I said it’s still just about having fun for me,” Anderson said. 

When asked what he would say if he could to his voters he had a smile on his face and gratefully stated his gratitude. 

“Thank you all for voting for me and giving me the chance of becoming homecoming king,”  


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