Lainey Enloe

For this year’s unusual but highly expected homecoming court candidate,  Lainey Enloe has been nominated.  

I would like to thank every individual who voted for me and I am extremely grateful that I get to represent the senior class of 2021,”  Enloe said. 

The honor is definitely all hers as she has a chance in becoming this year’s Homecoming Queen and having the chance to represent her class of 2021. 

“I feel excited and I am ready to represent my senior class,” Enloe said. 

This year’s homecoming had to be packed into the first week of school this year and as a result, many students feel overwhelmed and busy at the time including the nominees. 

“ I feel that homecoming week was very sudden and I wish it was pushed back but if the rest of the school’s events were coinciding with it then it makes sense that it was rushed,” Enloe said.  

Although she has made court before the experience alone is the true fun for Enloe.

“The best thing about getting on the court is the entire experience of dressing formally, walking with your friends, and hearing your name announced through the speakers,” Enloe said.

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