Thank you staff, Thomas Peek

May 24, 2020

Dear Mr. Crews,


Growing up I was always told there will be at least 1 teacher you create a very strong bond with. For me, it was you. As a 11 year old kid I walked into middle school knowing absolutely nothing. However, I will never forget the 6th period of my 6th grade year. At first, you acted like you hated us (probably because you did.) The class was called study-skills, which for us meant sit on the computer and try to not get caught playing little video games online. Eventually, you let up a little bit and eventually started liking us. After that year, I’m sure you were happy to never see us, but little did any of us know, we soon would come in contact again. 

This time, we were in our second year of high school. I’ll never forget you yelling at us about how dumb sophomores can be and how we were always too loud. You watched and mentored us through all of our dumb mistakes and always had some terrible but sarcastic advice for our problems. After sophomore year especially, a bond between you and the class of 2020 had erupted. 

The next time you had us in the classroom was our final year. We eventually learned that it too would be your last year teaching and boy did we decide to give you heck. In my last year of high school you not only helped me learn about calculus and math, but helped me find who I am. You helped mentor me and multiple students through hardships and just life in general. You and our class have been through sad times, happy times and even some pretty whacky ones together. We’ve mourned, helped each other and have created a bond with you that will last forever.

Going forward in my life, I plan to attend college and study to become a teacher. With this I hope to touch at least half as many lives as you have. It is because of teachers like you that I decided to become a teacher. You don’t worry about the test scores or anything like that, you just teach because you love it and because you love to create relationships. Thank you so much for everything that you have done not only for me, but the class of 2020. 



Thomas P.

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