Thank you family and community, Reilly Sanders

May 22, 2020

To my beautiful Mother, 


Thank you for every single thing you’ve done for me, good and bad. You’ve always been a superhero to me. I never understood how you somehow always made everything work, but you did. If it means you losing something to make sure I have it, you’d do it without hesitation. Ever since I was big enough to understand, I’ve always admired how selfless you are. Although I may be a little bit of a brat ( emphasis on the “little bit” ) you’ve never failed to still love me just as much as the day before.

When I came to you and asked you for the second time to move to West Hardin, you told me you didn’t want me to but, “if that’s what makes you happy, then let’s do it.” You above everyone knew how bad I needed a change. I needed to be happier and anything I thought was worth it, you supported. 

All you have ever wanted for me was the best of everything, even if we didn’t have it. You taught me to be so humble and appreciate every single second because everything comes to an end at some point. You taught me to trust until I was given a reason not to. You taught me to work hard because things will not always be handed to me. You taught me to be brave, and you taught me to love SO hard. I’ve always dove headfirst into things with a mindset of believing everything would work out how God has it written, as it has. 

All of these things mean so much to me, but one of the most important things you’ve taught me is how no matter how hard things may be right now, “hard times do not last forever.” There have been so many times I thought everything was over for me. I had no hope in things getting better until I talked to you and you somehow granted me a calm heart again. Nothing could ever alter or change to the amount of love and thankfulness I have for you, Momma. 

Thank you for every single lesson you’ve taught me. Thank you for every single word of advice. Thank you for being my solid foundation when I felt as if I had nothing in me left to give. You deserve far more than this world has ever offered you and I pray that one day I’m able to give back to you and Dad both. Y’all work so hard for everything and I hope I could be just half the parents y’all are one day, to my kids. 



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