Thank you family and community, Alyssa Musselwhite

May 22, 2020

Dear Dad,


Thank you for showing me what hard work is. For putting in more hours than any person should, both at work and at home. I am blessed that I have everything I need, and so much of what I want. That would not be possible without you. You showed me that the world doesn’t stop running; even when you are sick, tired, or just need a break. There are always bills to pay, events to save, and dreams to accomplish. If I know what hard work is, it is because of you.

Thank you for the lessons–or every time you preach them, and I let it go in one ear and out the other. At least I remember “Check the oil in your car. Learn how to cook” 


Without you I wouldn’t have been able to be in all the activities I was in FFA. I wouldn’t have accomplished the things I did without you pushing me to do it. 


Thank you for loving me. Even though I was hard-headed and was just being a brat. Even when I didn’t listen to the words you were saying.


Thank you for being proud of me. When I went to show in the show ring. When I got up and kept going from Vivian pulling me to the ground into the barn (even though you laughed at me). 


Thanks, Dad. For every time you were there. Whether it was something big or something small. I am grateful, proud, and happy to be your little girl.


-Alyssa Musselwhite

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